pregnancy & postnatal massage

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Massage for Pregnancy & postnatal recovery


Massage in pregnancy and post birth can help in many ways,




hip tension 

achy legs & oedema 

anxiety & low mood

improving  sleep quality

general stress & tension

recovery from birth

support infant feeding






Evidence suggests that receiving (and giving) massage stimulates oxytocin and endorphins within the body, with the benefit of improving a sense of well-being; reducing stress and lowering blood pressure in both the short and long-term.


(Kimber et al, 2008; McNabb et al, 2006; Uvnas Moberg, 2011)


Oxytocin is the hormone strongly linked to the bodys physiological processes throughout labour, birth, breastfeeding and promotes connections with your baby.


Regular massage can promote the physical, psychological, emotional and psycho-social adaptations needed throughout this precious time. This is both by immediate relief and relaxation but also the promotion of comforting hormones like endorphins


Every massage is  tailored to suit your individual needs with regard to your current and personal experiences. Often massage is given in different ways to accommodate your experiences, such as side lying position, seated as well as on a maybe on a massage couch, chair or futon on the floor.




Massage for Labour and Birth


When something hurts, it is instinctive to rub it better.


As a soothing extension of touch, massage is frequently reported as one of the non-pharmacological tools to cope with labour (NICE, 2007; RCM, 2010; Smith et al, 2012; Yates, 2010). Using massage as a way of preparing for birth can help you and your partner to relax more easily, supporting you both to cope with labour at home and in your birth setting, therefore encouraging positive experiences of birth.


The use of complementary therapies like massage is viewed as facilitating greater satisfaction with labour and birth. Using massage techniques effectively may improve a sense of control of childbirth experiences, supporting relationships and bonding between women, partners and their newborns (Gaffney & Smith, 2004; Hall, et al, 2011).


This appointment will be for you and your birth partner, supporting you both to work together using massage, shiatsu  & acupressure techniques during pregnancy and to prepare for labour & birth. I would advise 2 hours for this session, however this can be adapted. 





Massage Workshops for pregnancy, labour & postnatal support


Private 2 hour bespoke sessions for you and your birth partner.


Learn simple but effective techniques that promote sleep and relaxation, coping with labour particularly at home and massage to support infant feeding and adapting to parenthood.


Please contact me for more information and to book.

£95 per session

Provided in clinic or your own home,

with take home oils and handout to support ongoing practice





30mins £30
60mins £50
90mins £75
120mins £95
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