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Massage for labour
Holding & breathwork

L.E Midwife

“Thank you for a great hands on day, with lots of practice and tips as well as theory based evidence to support the use of massage"

E.C Midwife

"I had no knowledge of giving massage before the study day so learning basic massage techniques has been my key learning. It has been an excellent day with lots of opportunities to practice techniques.  "

V.K Midwifery Matron

“Thank you so much for coming. Will definitely recommend this day to others and be inviting you to us again!”

Massage for pregnancy,
labour & birth
Workshops for Midwives, MCAs, doulas
antenatal educators

Teaching provided by a massage therapist and midwife with over 24 years experience
Qualified midwifery teacher
Learn with peers and build networks with local professionals
Build theory into confident, practical massage knowledge that you can use yourself, and safely support birth partners using massage..
Learn how to adapt massage to suit experiences of pregnancy stages,
phases of labour and in all birthing area

hand massage workshop pregnancy midwife student midwife
midwife massage workshop

Workshop Details

9-5, Max group size 15

Explore the history and traditional use of massage in various cultures

Discover how massage and positive touch has been used within midwifery around the world and as part of midwifery practice in the UK.

Explore the known benefits of massage and positive touch, specifically regarding physical and emotional experiences of pregnancy and birth and in reflection of my philosophy of ‘Calm, Comfort & Connection’.

To explore and explain the nature and experiences of antenatal anxiety, and how massage can alleviate symptoms

Discuss the benefits of massage for the pregnancy, the partner and the unborn baby.

Define contraindications and cautions to massage in the perinatal period, developing knowledge on when massage is not suitable and when techniques can be safely adapted.

Explore the practicalities of giving and receiving massage.

Observe core massage techniques for birth positions, understand how to apply pressure without tiredness and get honest feedback from the massage receiver.

Consider how to support those giving massage; understanding efficient, supportive and safe body mechanics, dos and don’ts, creating a place for massage.

Practicalities of massage; Explore massage techniques , experience subjective experiences of touch. through clothes and on skin using oil. Discuss the benefits of each mode.

Consider how partners can use these techniques in various ways at home and in their chosen place of birth; for late pregnancy and all stages and places of labour and birth.

Keeping a ‘Continuity of Calm’; massage and positive touch that supports times of change

Next events: 

Tessa Clemson Yoga

Great Harwood, Blackburn

15th March 2024 or

7th June 2024


Course costs

Midwives & professionals £95

Student midwives £55

Block fee available for your Trust or midwifery society bookings

Interested but have questions, or like to organise a workshop in your local area? Please add your details here:

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