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Workshop Details;

Day 1 0845 (registration) -1700, Day 2 0900-1700

Max 6 per workshop


  • Explore the history and traditional use of massage in various cultures

  • Discover how massage and positive touch has been used within midwifery around the world and as part of midwifery practice in the UK.

  • Discuss the current evidence base and guidelines for massage within maternity services.

  • Understand current codes of conduct, NICE guidelines and legislative factors.

  • Revise relevant anatomy and physiology regarding massage for the neck and shoulders, abdomen lower back, hands, arms and feet.

  • Explore the known benefits of massage and positive touch, specifically regarding physical and emotional experiences of pregnancy and birth and in reflection of the Birth & Wellbeing’s philosophy of ‘Calm, Comfort & Connection’.

  • To explore and explain the nature and experiences of antenatal anxiety, and how massage can alleviate symptoms

  • Discuss the benefits of massage for the pregnant woman, her partner and the unborn baby.

  • Define contraindications and cautions to massage in the perinatal period, developing knowledge on when massage is not suitable and when techniques can be safely adapted.

  • An introduction to the practicalities of massage.

  • Observe core massage techniques for birth positions, understand how to apply pressure without tiredness and get honest feedback from the massage receiver.

  • Consider how to support those giving massage; understanding efficient, supportive and safe body mechanics, dos and don’ts, creating a place for massage.

  • Practice massage techniques on each other, exploring subjective experiences of touch. through clothes and on skin using oil. Discuss the benefits of each mode.

  • Consider how partners can use these techniques in various ways at home and in their chosen place of birth; for late pregnancy and all stages of labour and birth.

  • Keeping a ‘Continuity of Calm’; massage and positive touch that supports times of change




The workshop will take place in my home studio

Lower Chapel Lane, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2RH.


Course costs; £175


Full payment at booking prior warrants £25 discount


If you would prefer to spread the payment, please pay £50 deposit at booking, which will secure your place.


Further payment of £125 required 4 wks before the course; by 7th February 2020 for the March Wksp.


Deposit is non-returnable unless your place is cancelled prior to 4 weeks before the booked workshop.


Please contact me for payment details and further workshop information



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