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Traditional Massage

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30mins £30
60mins £50
90mins £75
120mins £95
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Massage is an extension of touch, given with an intention of relaxation, respite, release and overall, care.

It can be given through clothes or with oil onto bare skin.


Massage can be received seated, lying on a massage couch, on the floor, side lying, prone (on your front) and supine (on your back).

There are many styles and modalities of massage from all around the world; some are fast and powerful, some slow and strong, some dance like, some light and mesmerising.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi uses forearms as well as hand massage techniques to enhance deep connection; encouraging you back into your right condition, whilst feeling massaged to the bone and soothed to your heart.

Some styles will massage your whole body in one stroke, others utilise a deep, fixed pressure point to release stuck energy.


Massage should have a depth, rhythm and pace that works with your own unique body and headspace, allowing you to focus inwards, experience deeper and deeper relaxation.

Your massage session is guided by how you feel right then, what needs you have expressed and always with your stated intention in mind.


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How I came to love traditional massage...


From the very start I have held a deep love and respect for traditional massage techniques. Over the years I have been fortunate to receive training from some of the best teachers in the world.


My first and pivotal training in Hawaiian Lomilomi began on the Big Island with Nancy Kahelewai and Daniel Albers in 2001. To hear about Lomi, including  some very special elders talking story, please see a clip of Nancy & Daniel at work here.


In 2005 I also attended a very special and comprehensive Hawaiian Healing School with Kumu  Maka'ala Yates in Kauai. See Maka'ala at work here. Maka'alas work is profound, incorporates body, mind and soul and presents a problem-solving form of Lomi that can help to resolve many issues.


In 2009 I continued my Lomi lomi study with Carrie Rowell in Glastonbury . See the wonderful Carrie in action here. Carries beautiful dance-like approach to Lomi facilitates a movement around the body that is both heartfelt and mesmerising.


In 2004 I completed Maria Mercatis comprehensive Thai Massage and Tuina Chinese Acupressure Massage courses with Bodyharmonics. These in depth courses have enabled me to integrate deep stretching and acupressure into all aspects of my therapy work..


In 2006 I trained in Ayurvedic Head Massage and Shirodhara with Tridosha, and in Traditional Indonesia Rituals with Alison Smart. Head, neck & shoulder massage is brilliant way to ease daily stresses and strains, relieve neck tension and release congestion.


Whilst working at the Lido I was a trainer for Ila rituals, and developed my own workshops for therapists in both Lomi Lomi and Pregnancy Massage, which I loved.


I am also qualified to practice Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles and Indian Head Massage, which I find often complements full body massage perfectly. Please email me for more information, or to discuss what might suit you best.



When booking a massage, you can state a preference of style,

or we can combine modalities with an approach responsive to your present needs.

We can discuss this within your consultation.


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